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Regency Purple MicroTexture Bowtie


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Buy a suit, get a shirt and tie for only $39.

You've taken your place on the throne, and this is just another ordinary day in your country. The grievances voiced by the peasants haven't been particularly serious, but your attention is focused elsewhere. You are contemplating what bow tie you will wear to tonight's royal ball when your Royal Dresser shows you your newest creation: a Matte Texture Bow in Regency Purple. You immediately fall in love with this bow tie. Your choice has been settled upon instantaneously. This rich, royal purple color is ideal for any formal event; nevertheless, the matte texture gives the tie a more relaxed appearance, allowing it to be worn to both formal and informal events without looking out of place.

Regency Purple MicroTexture Bowtie



Buy a suit, get a shirt and tie for only $39.